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Personal tracking devices are becoming popular in India. The revolutionary products which we bring to Indian people for an exceptionally low price, have made it possible for personal tracking to be affordable, possible and easy for all of us.

Personal tracking is a very different cup of tea as we realise and that is exactly why we treat it differently. We have a whole dedicated department to handle personal tracking because it is very different from any other mode of tracking. These personal tracking system is made for personal use alone and thus, they are not for professional use. Instead, we understand the emotional value which are often we assign to these devices.

Tracking kids: We all want a healthy atmosphere for our babies and want them to play and grow. However, we can never play it too safe for them as the kidnapping records are at all time high in India. That is why we are scared to lose track of them even for a minute. With our sophisticated kid tracking devices, you can know the exact location of your baby very easily. While they play, learn and grow, you can stay assured of their safety.

Tracking elders: Old age can be nasty. It happens that people can't even remember exactly where they live. The best way to take care of them is to get them the personal tracking system from MARKON Electronics Corporation so that they can find their way no matter where they are. With our gadget, they can find way back to home and also can access the emergency button to let you know that they need you to rescue them.

Tracking pets: Often they become a member of the family, isn’t it? Yet, when you lose them, it is so difficult to find them. We spend enormous amount of time, money and energy to find it and still, don’t find anything. Not to worry any more as all you need is a GPS pet collar and you will know where your best friend is every moment.

We never sell a product for profit making alone, but we try to sell a solution which will tell you exactly where your family members are and serve the purposes which you pay for. We strive to make you happy with our products, MARKON Electronics Corporation believes in delivering safe and accurate personal tracking to everybody.

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